IOC has doubts about Rio 2016

IOC questions Rio 2016 Committee 

COI questions Rio2016


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Source: O Globo
Date: 08/09
Date of access: 04/10


IOC questions Brazilian Olympic Committee about the reason of current protests, the transport and construction situation, and other possible problems to solve before the Olympic games.



Lack of transportation infrastructure

Brazil’s biggest city hit by record traffic jam

Biggest traffic jam


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Source: Reuters US edition
Date: 23/05
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Commuters sat in lines for more than three hours, protests broke out at a train station, and angry voters promised revenge as Brazil’s biggest city entangled itself in a record traffic jam on Wednesday (23/05) morning, highlighting how the country’s infrastructure has failed to keep pace with economic growth. It also renewed concerns over a possible breakdown on roads, airports, and communications systems when Brazil hosts the soccer World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016.