Protests in Rio will persist

100 days of protests and Rio still ins’t satisfied

100 days of protest


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Period: until 04/10
Source: G1
Date: 07/09
Date of access: 04/10


Explains how protests started and why its been correlated with the World Cup and Olympic Games, shows the changes the Government has made because of the protests and what problems are still unanswered.


IOC has doubts about Rio 2016

IOC questions Rio 2016 Committee 

COI questions Rio2016


Search: protestos olimpíadas (Brazil protests olympic)
Period: until 04/10
Source: O Globo
Date: 08/09
Date of access: 04/10


IOC questions Brazilian Olympic Committee about the reason of current protests, the transport and construction situation, and other possible problems to solve before the Olympic games.


Bach worries with protests

Thomas Bach is worried with protests

Bach is worried with protests


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Period: until 04/10
Source: Globo Esporte
Date: 09/09
Date of access: 04/10


Thomas Bach says is worried about protests and believes a better and clearer communication with local population is necessary.

Interview to Brazilian Paralympic Committee President

Interview to BPC President: Andrew Parsons

 Interview to Andrew Parsons


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Period: until 01/10
Source: O Globo
Date: 14/09
Date of access: 01/10

Interview to Brazilian Paralympic Committee President, Andrew Parsons, regarding many different topics about the Olympic Games; including protests, Bach, constructions delays, communication.


COL believes in no protests during the mega-events

COL isn’t worried about protests

COL isn't worried with protests

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Period: until 01/10
Source: Época Negócios
Date: 25/09
Date of access: 01/10

Ricardo Trade, local committee executive director, believes the protests occurred in June and July were targeted against the politicians, not against the World Cup and the Olympic Games.

Schedule worries brought up by IOC co-ordination commission

Rio tells IOC they will be ready by 2016

OBC says will be ready

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Source: Reuters US edition
Date: 08/09
Date of access: 23/09

The commission led by Nawal El Moutawakel told the IOC Congress on Sunday that Rio had made “reassuring” progress in the last year but there was still a lot of work to do. “There is a need, more than ever before, that all stakeholders need to work together. Key decisions need to be made collectively and communicated with one voice.”

Australian IOC member Kevan Gosper, who also serves as chairman of the IOC press commission, told Nuzman that Rio needed to get their media operations in order. Nuzman responded that the Rio organisers were aware of the growing discontent and he vowed they would do a better job getting their messages across.

Security revenue

Brasil investirá R$2,32bi em segurança até 2016

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Period: until 19/09
Source: Época Negócios (Globo Publisher)
Date: 18/09
Date of access: 19/09

Mega events security secretary Andrei Rodrigues talks about the security revenue because of the series of manifestations happening since July. Also talks about how everything being built for the mega events is thinking of the future.