Funny memes, serious problems

Welcome All to Russia’s 2014 Olympic Hunger Games

“There is serious meaning behind the silly outfit comparisons — the Sochi Games, which are estimated to have cost over $40 billion, have been plagued by allegations of corruption [Global Voices report], horrible working conditions and lack of payment for the possibly illegal workers. The idea of an under-class looking with horror at the waste of the “Capitol” can be seen as an allegory for Russia’s poor and disadvantaged watching the most expensive Games in history take place right in front of them, yet out of reach (…) the real point of the Olympic Games, athleticism and national pride, is almost completely buried in a pile of meta-criticism” (Global Voices)

Rings any bells? hmmm…



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The study I’m developing for my Master thesis has its grounds on the role of strategic communication to increase local support to mega events.