My name is Ana Isabel Lemos and I’m a Strategic Communication Master student. I’ve created this blog to file news about Rio 2016 and support the e-clipping database I’m developing for my thesis.


Resume: This research aims to understand how, and to which extend, the association of Brazilian’s civil protests to Rio 2016 Olympic Games by news media can bring hampers to the mega-event’s success. Roche (2000) describes ‘Mega-events’ as “large-scale cultural events, which have a dramatic character, mass popular appeal and international significance,” (p. 1). Given this year civil protests, including during the Confederations’ Cup, it becomes interesting to understand the complexity of Rio 2016’s dramatic character, the support of the locals’ and the kind of image being stamped internationally. From a creation of database with Rio 2016 related news items, to its content analysis, will be possible to explore this association and the host community feeling towards the games. According to Gursoy and Kendall (2006), the host community has the power to bring positive influence to a mega sporting event, just as to bring negative influence and active opposition, which it may lead to delays, legal action, and abandonment of projects. Therefore, this work will conclude offering communication strategies to control the host community’s antipathy towards the mega-event.


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