Analysis on Brazil’s mass protests

Analysis – Brazil’s mass protests peak, ball in politicians’ court

Analysis on Brazil's mass protests


Search: Reuters US: Brazil protests olympic
Period: until 19/09
Source: Reuters US edition
Date: 28/06
Date of access: 19/09

Concludes from analysis that, after the protests that took Brazilian politicians by surprise and showed how out of touch they were with an increasingly middle-class nation that is more informed and unwilling to tolerate a political system long plagued by patronage and corruption, it’s now up to the politicians to deliver improvements to the country’s deficient public services and more transparent and accountable government demanded by frustrated Brazilians, or the crescendo of angry protests could suddenly return. But analysts say deeper reforms will be needed to restore public credibility in a political class viewed as self-serving, overpaid and corrupt.

The The protesters used the Confederations Cup to tell the world that Brazil is not just a land of soccer and that their priorities are improved education, healthcare and public transportation rather than costly mega-events like the World Cup and the Olympic Games set for 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.


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