Funny memes, serious problems

Welcome All to Russia’s 2014 Olympic Hunger Games

“There is serious meaning behind the silly outfit comparisons — the Sochi Games, which are estimated to have cost over $40 billion, have been plagued by allegations of corruption [Global Voices report], horrible working conditions and lack of payment for the possibly illegal workers. The idea of an under-class looking with horror at the waste of the “Capitol” can be seen as an allegory for Russia’s poor and disadvantaged watching the most expensive Games in history take place right in front of them, yet out of reach (…) the real point of the Olympic Games, athleticism and national pride, is almost completely buried in a pile of meta-criticism” (Global Voices)

Rings any bells? hmmm…


Protests in Rio will persist

100 days of protests and Rio still ins’t satisfied

100 days of protest


Search: protestos olimpíadas (Brazil protests olympic)
Period: until 04/10
Source: G1
Date: 07/09
Date of access: 04/10


Explains how protests started and why its been correlated with the World Cup and Olympic Games, shows the changes the Government has made because of the protests and what problems are still unanswered.

IOC has doubts about Rio 2016

IOC questions Rio 2016 Committee 

COI questions Rio2016


Search: protestos olimpíadas (Brazil protests olympic)
Period: until 04/10
Source: O Globo
Date: 08/09
Date of access: 04/10


IOC questions Brazilian Olympic Committee about the reason of current protests, the transport and construction situation, and other possible problems to solve before the Olympic games.


Bach worries with protests

Thomas Bach is worried with protests

Bach is worried with protests


Search: protestos olimpíadas (Brazil protests olympic)
Period: until 04/10
Source: Globo Esporte
Date: 09/09
Date of access: 04/10


Thomas Bach says is worried about protests and believes a better and clearer communication with local population is necessary.

Interview to Brazilian Paralympic Committee President

Interview to BPC President: Andrew Parsons

 Interview to Andrew Parsons


Search: protestos olimpíadas (Brazil protests olympic)
Period: until 01/10
Source: O Globo
Date: 14/09
Date of access: 01/10

Interview to Brazilian Paralympic Committee President, Andrew Parsons, regarding many different topics about the Olympic Games; including protests, Bach, constructions delays, communication.


COL believes in no protests during the mega-events

COL isn’t worried about protests

COL isn't worried with protests

Search: protestos olimpíadas (Brazil protests olympic)
Period: until 01/10
Source: Época Negócios
Date: 25/09
Date of access: 01/10

Ricardo Trade, local committee executive director, believes the protests occurred in June and July were targeted against the politicians, not against the World Cup and the Olympic Games.

Lack of transportation infrastructure

Brazil’s biggest city hit by record traffic jam

Biggest traffic jam


Search: Reuters US: Brazil protests olympic
Period: until 23/09
Source: Reuters US edition
Date: 23/05
Date of access: 23/09


Commuters sat in lines for more than three hours, protests broke out at a train station, and angry voters promised revenge as Brazil’s biggest city entangled itself in a record traffic jam on Wednesday (23/05) morning, highlighting how the country’s infrastructure has failed to keep pace with economic growth. It also renewed concerns over a possible breakdown on roads, airports, and communications systems when Brazil hosts the soccer World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016.